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The 12 Month #NothingToLose Challenge- Week 3 (Read Time: 2 min.)

NTL Week 3This week’s challenge is this:

Get your financial house in order…

“It is essential that you keep solid accounts of everything and have maintained good records of business matters, taxes, permits and the like.” 

@RyanBlair, Nothing To Lose, Everything To Gain

Whether you’re at the start-up phase of your business or in Year 3, one of the key attributes that will help you stand apart in your business is your ability to create and maintain your financial systems.  Only the most successful entrepreneurs understand their accounting systems to a tee… and it’s time we challenged ourselves to step up our accounting/financial systems strategy.

That’s the challenge for this week.  Click below and listen to the Week 3 audio for more details…



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#NothingtoLose Challenge: Week 1- Step Up to the Plate (Read Time: 4 min.)

NTL 2In the month of January, we are going to lift as we climb.  In other words, we have 3 objectives in January:

  1. Ingrain the #NothingtoLose approach into our lives (life and business- not separate, intertwined).
  2. Create a daily routine that reflects our commitment to MASSIVE Daily Action (MDAs).
  3. Take MASSIVE Daily Action (no excuses now so there won’t be regrets later).

During this week, here’s the challenge:

  1. If you haven’t read Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain, read it.  If you have read the book, do 2 things: 1) Re-read Chapters 1-8, 2) If you didn’t write a review of the book on Amazon, do so by the end of the week (Remember: Life is about what we give, not what we get).
  2. Create space in your office/home/bedroom for a #NothingtoLose tracking board.  I’ve posted a pic of mine on Instagram (http://www.instagram.com/KassandraBibas).  This is going to be your hub for your goals, objectives, and results.  It needs to be located in a place where you can see it daily and use it as a brainstorming/results review hub.  See this board as your visual for reporting, on a weekly basis, to your shareholders and stakeholders (at this moment, that could easily be YOU.  But, remember, YOU are the CEO of your life and the essence of your brand.  Report to yourself as you would a board of directors).  If you had to stand before a board at the end of each week, what would you want to show them?  What would they be expecting to see?  How easily could you use this board to demonstrate your accomplishments and pitch your ideas?  That’s how your board should look.  The first thing I want you to put up on your board (preferably smack dab in the middle of the board- see my board pic on Instagram for an example) are the 10 steps to being successful that @RyanBlair writes about on page 30.  You’ve got the book so the 10 steps are there 🙂
  3. Perform a 2014 Goal audit.  There’s only one question you need to answer if you’re going to experience MASSIVE success in 2015: What’s it going to take?  However, you can’t answer that question fully unless you know how you did and where you went wrong in 2014.  Spend some time this week (buy a journal just for #NothingtoLose or use Evernote) reviewing your 2014 year in business.  If your business is brand new, look at your life goals and review 2014.  Spend 5 minutes identifying your top 3 successes for last year.  No more than 5 minutes.  Anyone who’s a frequent reader of my blog knows one thing about me: I firmly believe that failure is a much greater teacher than success.  We want success but getting AND keeping it requires that we get SUPER good at learning from failure.  Pat yourself on the back for 5 minutes and let’s move to the more important thing: evaluating your top 3 failures from 2014.  Use @RyanBlair’s post mortem approach (on pages 35 and 36 of the book-hardcover) to evaluate your top 3 failures.
  4. Use the comments section to create accountability & connect with others. Comment below and identify what 3 steps you’ll take by the end of this week (Sunday, January 11th by midnight in your time zone) to ensure that you take a #NothingtoLose approach in your business and do not repeat the failures of 2014.  Follow up your comment as soon as you’ve completed all three steps.  I’ll be doing the same.

There it is.  And, if you need some extra motivation, listen to the weekly #NothingtoLoseChallenge SoundCloud audio I’ve created for Week 1.



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Why Fear Does Not Have the Power to Limit You (Read Time: 3 min.)

maya angelou 1We give other people, places, and situations FAR TOO MUCH power over us.

In a world where we control what we think, do, and how we live, it seems preposterous that any person born with life, strength, and the ability to move would ever turn that power over to anybody else… VOLUNTARILY.

And, yet, we do that every day, in big and small ways… without even knowing that we’re doing it.

We turn our power over to people who would rather criticize than love us.

We do it by buying into their perception of us.

We do it by accepting their beliefs about our limitations.

We do it every single time we allow their threats, ultimatums and orders to run our lives.

And guess what?

That stops TODAY!

No one has power over you unless you give it to them.  In fact, there is no fear, no threat, and no force more powerful than your connection to the fact that YOU are the power in your world.

God made you.  He created you in His own image which means from the second you had life, you had the ability to love, think, live and create.

Creation is the HIGHEST form of power.

So, why are we living as if we’re at the mercy of everyone and everything else?

Because we’ve forgotten who we ARE…

What am I saying here?

It’s time you took your power back.  It’s time you decided that although life might knock you around a bit and although people may let you down a lot, your purpose is not to agree to the terms of a mediocre life but to defy the terms of anybody else’s limitations on you… and that includes your own.

Your fear is not the problem.  Your acceptance of other people’s limitations is…

Stop believing the lie and start telling yourself the truth and, all of a sudden, fear goes from being the thing you hate to the ally you’ve been waiting for.

It’s up to you… Choose to change…

no limits

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Afraid to pursue a BIG dream? How to get over, under, and out of your fear… (Read time: 4 min.)

dont waste itYou have a dream… Okay, it’s a “BIG” dream…


It’ll take more than you’ve ever given, for longer than you’ve ever given it, with NO GUARANTEE of results or success and NO ability to keep a Plan B in your side pocket at all times.

In a word, it’s a risk… and you don’t like risks… or, at least, not risks that come with little guarantee of coming out on top, making things happen or looking confident even if things are falling apart.

No, you don’t like the “fall-flat-on-my-face-while-everyone’s-waiting-watching-and-saying-I-told-you-so” life adventures.

And, yet, this is the territory in which your “BIG” dream lives.

So what do you do?

In today’s post, we’re going to talk about the why, what and how of getting over the fear of pursuing that BIG dream.


Because fear is not a signal to STOP; it’s a sign to PRESS forward.  

You simply have to know how to do that.

If you’re going to turn your fear into fuel, you need to know the why, what and how of your fear…and that will differ depending on the fear, the goal, and the state of mind you’re in as you deal with it.

Let’s go over some WHY, WHAT, and HOW basics.


Why do you want this BIG dream?

Is it your dream… or someone else’s?

Are you pursuing it out of desire… or obligation?

Why does this dream need to come true in your lifetime… or does it?

Why will you be 90 years old and regretting not attaining the dream if you never pursue it?

The WHY gets to the bottom of whether YOU really want it… or if you can live without it.


What’s it going to take?

What resources (people, time, money, energy, etc.) will you need to see this thing all the way through?

What are your next three steps?

What do you need to do next?

What will you do if things go wrong?

What will you do if things go right?

What will you do to stay motivated when you’re not “in the mood” to keep going?

What will you do once you “arrive”?

The WHAT helps to create the Massive Action Plan (MAP- from Tony Robbins) that will take you where you want to go (persistently, consistently with daily action).


How will I handle failure?

How will I handle success?

How will I choose to show up moment by moment, day by day and how is that consistent with who I REALLY am?

Notice there’s not one how question that says, “How will I ever get this done?” or “How will this ever happen?”

Both of those “how” questions are emotional landmines in disguise.  

When you ask them (mentally or out loud), what you’re really saying is this: “There’s no way I can really do this so I’m going to psych myself out before I start so I don’t have to deal with disappointment at the end.”  Don’t go there, don’t do it and when those two “how” questions come up, tell them to SDASU- in other words, Sit Down And Shut Up.  #thatsall

Now that you understand the WHY, WHAT and HOW, it’s time to get real with your fear.  One of the first steps to getting to the other side of fear, to turning your fear into fuel comes when you face the WHY, WHAT and HOW and you deal with it.  I cover the nitty-gritty, step-by-step details in my upcoming online Fear-To-Fuel Acceleration Program but let me give you 3 tips on how to start the process:

Tip 1: Pick a 1-2 hour interval of time where you have the opportunity to get REAL with your fear.  It helps if your mind is calm, the environment is quiet, and you’ve got a notebook and pen handy.  This is done best when you are alone (i.e. no screaming/fighting children, no spouse asking “What’s for dinner?” and no friends pinging you via text, on Facebook or through email).  Shut your devices off and get into a safe, calm space.

Tip 2: Via self-recording (most smartphones have a voice recording app on them) or by writing the responses down in your own handwriting, respond to the questions above.  Do not over-think the process.  Ask the question ONCE and allow whatever comes out of your mouth or on the page to be what it is.  This is not a process that takes a week to do so do not allow it to drag on and on.

Tip 3: Go over your WHY, WHAT and HOW responses and ask yourself, “What will it take?”  In other words, do you want your fears more than you want this dream? Get real about it…

Want more strategies?  Join me on Tuesday, November 4th for a LIVE, FREE webinar called:

The Other Side of Fear:

7 Steps to Turn Your Fear into Fuel

Date: Tuesday, November 4th

Time: 7 pm EST, 6 pm CST, 5 pm MST, 4 pm PST

Click below to Register and get the webinar log in info: 

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Fear is not your friend but you can make it your ally…

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