How to Overcome The Fear of Being Too Old For Your Dreams… (Read Time: 5 min.)

miraclesAge… such an arbitrary thing.

What would happen if you didn’t know when you were born?  No birthday, no chronological age, not one mirror in sight to show you the lines or wrinkles of time.  Would you live your life the way you’re living it right now?

I don’t think so…

Aging (at least in the United States) has become this plague of sorts.  Being under 30 is glorified as the mecca of beauty, vitality and momentum.  Being above 40 is seen as the end nearing THE END.  Beyond 60, younger people look at you and think, “Oh, they’re almost done.  Why bother?”  I read all of these posts on LinkedIn by women above the age of 50 who grapple with the reality that they’re almost invisible to most men and definitely dismissed by many women.  I read about the worries, fears and regrets of both men and women who, now well above 40, look back on their lives and wonder where they went wrong.

“This isn’t where I thought I’d be”, they say.

“This isn’t how I thought things would turn out”, they cry.

But wait a second… Turn out?  Your life isn’t even 75% over yet and you’re already in the final scene of the final act.

What is going on here?

Here’s where fear comes in: We spent our twenties rushing to some fairyland called “I’ve arrived” only to get to 30 and realize that there’s no such place.  Then we dashed again at 30 going for “ultimate success” only to get to 40 and realize that what we REALLY want is something TOTALLY different and, by the time we’re 50, we’re either too disillusioned to dream another dream or too tired and beat down by the past to go for something more.  It’s a vicious cycle after a while, a cycle that’s propelled, driven and fed by FEAR… 

Here’s the wake-up call:

Age can no longer be your excuse for not being the miracle you are.

Fear can no longer be the thing that drives you into a frenzy of going after things, people and situations that you really don’t want any way.

Your present-moment condition is not about your age or your missed opportunities.  It is about the decision you are making RIGHT NOW about who you are, what you deserve, and whether you actually can have that.


It’s your attitude, not your age, that determines both what you go after and what you accept from life.

Will it be harder to change careers, find true love, or create an amazing business after a certain age?  Maybe…

So much of that depends on you and the way you look at and seize opportunities.

Will it be a longer journey to get to where you want to be at an older age?  Never.

The time it takes is the time it takes.  In fact, one of the benefits of no longer being “young and dumb” is that you understand that things take time.  There’s no rushing the process.  At an older age, let’s hope we’re better able to use courageous patience as a means to weather the storms of life and still go after what we want.

Attitude is everything in this aging fear equation.  The better your attitude, the more you enjoy life.  The more you enjoy life, the more present you are to life.  The more present you are to life, the more blessings, gifts and opportunities show up for you BECAUSE you can now see them…

In conclusion, your age is not the thing that’s driving your fear.  Your BELIEFS ABOUT WHAT YOUR AGE MEANS is…

The moment you know that the same miracle that brought you into this world is the same miracle that will help you live miraculously in it is the exact moment that EVERYTHING in your life changes… and it’s your job to keep allowing the changes to unfold.

Einstein has said:

einstein quote

And that’s the way you overcome the fear of being too old for your dreams.

Let me help you out with something:

What’s FOR you is FOR YOU… and it will find a way to you.

You don’t choose your calling.  Your calling chooses you. – Dr. Wayne Dyer

If it’s in you to pursue something, go after it.  Maybe you’ll get there.  Maybe you won’t but one thing’s for sure.  You will always get what is meant for you IF you show up FULLY for it, know that it’s within your grasp to achieve it, and make a CLEAR, UNEQUIVOCAL decision that you will be there UNTIL…

Yes, that takes days, weeks, months, years and decades but you’re going to be there anyway.

Why not take the ride miraculously?

I’d love to hear from you!

What’s one limiting belief about your age that’s been holding you back?

What will you do to transform that belief and shift your fears? 

Leave a comment below!


2 thoughts on “How to Overcome The Fear of Being Too Old For Your Dreams… (Read Time: 5 min.)

  1. Marko says:

    Age is one of the biggest mental barriers people have when it comes to creating perfect life.
    I see people bellow 30 already giving up and start striving instead of living. One of the phrases in your article explains that problem very well:

    “It’s your attitude, not your age, that determines both what you go after and what you accept from life.”


    • So true Marko! It’s the giving up too soon that plagues so many people who mistake interest for commitment. When you’ve made an unequivocal decision to go for the goal, you make the commitment to be there UNTIL… That means no expiration date and no age limit.


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