Does Fear Have You Trapped in a Pity Party Corner? How to get out NOW… (Read time: 2 min.)

if it scares youFear can be an engine or a brake.  When you use it as an engine, you feel energized, adventurous and the momentum is flowing.  But, when fear is acting as a brake in your life, you feel one thing:


Here’s the issue: the person who decides whether fear is an engine or a brake… is YOU…

So how do you get out of the Pity Party corner of life when nothing seems to be going your way, when there are AT LEAST 2 bigger obstacles next to every opportunity, when you try and try and all you seem to be doing is running out of steam?

How do you overcome that?

Let me help you out:

Get real with who you are in YOUR story…

Oh yes.  Fear is a story we tell ourselves.  The main issue is that we keep writing the same story:





DISTORTED… And we wind up feeling down.

What if you wrote a different story today?  This hour, this minute, this second…

What if you said to yourself:

story end


What if you decided, from this moment forward, you were going to take a NEVER AGAIN approach to your life:

Never again…

Never again will I settle for less than I deserve.

Never again will I pretend to be happy when I’m not.

Never again will I give half of myself to my dreams while giving all of myself to everybody else’s.

Never again will I bail out on the commitments I make to myself.

Never again will I pretend like I know it all and go home at night feeling like I have nothing left.

Never again will I tell the lie that I’m not strong enough, brave enough, smart enough, or gorgeous enough to deserve my highest good AND keep it.

NEVER AGAIN will I do or say anything that betrays my love for MYSELF…


Now… wouldn’t that approach change your story?

Oh yes it would!  And you know why that is?

Because the moment you figure out that YOU ARE THE HERO IN YOUR STORY, you begin to live that story differently…

fear story 1

So… what are you going to do this week to make yourself the hero in your own life story?

I want to know.  Share in the comment section below.


4 thoughts on “Does Fear Have You Trapped in a Pity Party Corner? How to get out NOW… (Read time: 2 min.)

  1. ashley says:

    Not be afraid to reach out and out myself in the spotlight!


  2. KND5 says:

    I’m going to help as many people as I can feel confident, validated and want to pay it forward to someone else.


  3. I’m going to overcome my fear of publicly speaking by accepting Ronsley’s invite to an interview on his popular podcast – power to the empowered SOGA people 😉

    Thanks for reminding us to take ownership of our thoughts and ultimately out destiny!


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