Are You Done? 3 Fast, Effective Ways to Get Your Pity Party Self Out of the Driver’s Seat (Read Time: 4 min.)

complainingToday’s post came to me yesterday and I couldn’t wait to post this one!

Yesterday morning, I was throwing a pity party.  Not just any pity party, a MAJOR one.

See if you can relate:

I woke up, took my temperature (trying to get pregnant for a looooooooong time now), my temp was all of about 96.65 (which indicates that my thyroid has gone from beautiful to a beautiful mess- probably because I’m back on coffee and loads of sugar).

I went to the gym, had a fabulous workout and then spent the rest of the day eating crap (think chocolate chip cookies + McDonalds + lots of coffee) so there went any calorie burn I got from the gym!

I flipped channels and started watching a reality TV show called “I have twins” and watched a story about a woman living in not-so-great conditions who was giving birth to twin girls and taking them home to a father who then ditched her and didn’t show back up again for weeks… Yeah, not something I should be watching…

And then my sciatica started acting up and I began walking like a 95 year old because of the pain and could barely turn over in bed…

Well, just imagine the pity party I had yesterday.

At some point, in all of my pity partying, something inside stopped me.  I visualized my Higher Self.  You know who I’m talking about: that super amazing, ultra-fabulous, totally together version of you that appears like James Bond after he’s just escaped death… Yes, that ME showed up and said, “Are you done?  Cause we could really get moving on our life if you’ve had enough of feeling sorry for yourself.”

Well that stood me straight up in my seat!

And then it came to me… While there’s nothing wrong with having a pity party, nobody says you have to stay there all day let alone all month or all year.  Like anything else, pity parties thrive on negative emotion and there are quick, easy and effective ways to get out of pity party mode and back into Create-A-Life-You-Love-To-Look-At Mode and, with a nudge from my Higher Self, that’s exactly what I did… took 2 minutes of talk from Her and a huge AHA moment in me… and I stopped the pity partying.

So… I want you to experiment with dropping the pity parties this week.

Here are 3 fast, effective ways to get your pity party self out of the driver’s seat of your life (in 5 minutes or less…):

Technique 1: Give your HIGHER SELF the floor and visualize her/him talking to you.

In other words, if your most fabulous, audacious, bold, impressive, accomplished, successful, brave amazing self were to get in your face, what would he/she say?  What questions would she ask?  What advice would she give?  What would she have to offer you?  And receive it…

Technique 2: Do ONE thing RIGHT NOW that your Future Self with thank you for AS your Future Self.

In other words, if you were everything you say you want to be and you could do anything that that version of you could do, what ONE THING could you do RIGHT NOW (with all the power, enthusiasm, and all the ability of that version of you)?  Get up and go do it.

Technique 3: Have the damn pity party.

Right here, right now, throw the biggest, baddest pity party you can possibly think of.  Get the chocolate, cookies, movies, watch the cute kitty videos on YouTube… Whatever it takes to get the pity party out of your system, do it NOW…




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