You know what your next move is… So why aren’t you taking it? (Read Time: 4 min.)

dale carnegieMonday mornings are full of possibility.  It’s a new day, a new week, a new life… and, yet, so many of us spend this week repeating last week.  We go through the motions, plan out the day, survive the week and, before you know it, here comes Monday again…

We live life… barely.  We acknowledge our dreams… barely.  We set up goals… barely.

Before long, we lose touch with our passion, our momentum, our drive for life.

What’s going on here?

It’s the fear of giving something (anything) everything we’ve got… and seeing no return on our investment.  Norman Vincent Peale called it throwing your heart over the bar and trusting that your body will follow… and most of us are scared to death of doing just that.

We fear being vulnerable.

We fear losing everything.

We fear putting it all out there only to have key people look at our efforts, shake their heads, and say politely, “That still wasn’t enough.”

But what if the fear of giving our all keeps us from receiving exactly what we say we want?

What if, at the end of the day, the glory in life comes, not from getting the goal, but by falling in love with the process of becoming great?

What if we have this equation of effort and success all wrong and we’re spending our days living a mediocre existence that feels safe but is, in actually, supremely dangerous?

You know what your next move is…

Deep down, in your heart and soul, you know what you were put here to do… and, yet, you let the fear of giving your all stop you from doing exactly what your life calls you to do.

You’ve got to change that.  


Step 1: Pull out a sheet of paper.  At the top, write the following: If I give this day 100% of me, I would…

And then fill in the blank.

Write as much or as little as you want but be SPECIFIC.  If you were the champion you were born to be, if you were living the life of your dreams, if you already had every accolade, every triumph, every victory in your back pocket, how would TODAY go?  Write it out and then live it out.

Step 2: Once you’ve written out how today would go, ask yourself, “What are my next 3 steps?”  Write those steps down and then get up and get those 3 steps done.

Step 3: After you’ve done the first three steps, repeat… Repeat… Repeat… until bedtime.

Step 4: At bedtime, ask yourself, “How was I champion today?” and celebrate your life.  You did it.  You made it… Your next move is done.

Is it simple? Yes.

Is it easy? No.

Is it worth it? Hell yeah!


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