Why Fear Does Not Have the Power to Limit You (Read Time: 3 min.)

maya angelou 1We give other people, places, and situations FAR TOO MUCH power over us.

In a world where we control what we think, do, and how we live, it seems preposterous that any person born with life, strength, and the ability to move would ever turn that power over to anybody else… VOLUNTARILY.

And, yet, we do that every day, in big and small ways… without even knowing that we’re doing it.

We turn our power over to people who would rather criticize than love us.

We do it by buying into their perception of us.

We do it by accepting their beliefs about our limitations.

We do it every single time we allow their threats, ultimatums and orders to run our lives.

And guess what?

That stops TODAY!

No one has power over you unless you give it to them.  In fact, there is no fear, no threat, and no force more powerful than your connection to the fact that YOU are the power in your world.

God made you.  He created you in His own image which means from the second you had life, you had the ability to love, think, live and create.

Creation is the HIGHEST form of power.

So, why are we living as if we’re at the mercy of everyone and everything else?

Because we’ve forgotten who we ARE…

What am I saying here?

It’s time you took your power back.  It’s time you decided that although life might knock you around a bit and although people may let you down a lot, your purpose is not to agree to the terms of a mediocre life but to defy the terms of anybody else’s limitations on you… and that includes your own.

Your fear is not the problem.  Your acceptance of other people’s limitations is…

Stop believing the lie and start telling yourself the truth and, all of a sudden, fear goes from being the thing you hate to the ally you’ve been waiting for.

It’s up to you… Choose to change…

no limits

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